Spokes can be tricky or tedious to adjust - where to begin?


If you need to replace spokes, it may be best to call your local bike shop, if they don't have them, they can likely order them. Alternatively you could purchase replacement spokes from 
Wheel Builder or Spokes on Ebay. Please verify you are buying the correct spokes and nipples. If you are unsure, please reach out to us: https://ride1up.com/contact/

Adjustment & Service

First, we will want to ask ourselves, are my spokes loose or needing adjustment? What is the proper spoke length or spoke tension? Do I want to learn how to adjust or replace the spokes myself and save a bundle over time? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place!

Otherwise, local bike shops and mechanics are happy to adjust the spoke tension for you. This can usually run between $25-$50 per wheel.

Please see spoke specifications for all models for front and rear wheels below. 

*It is best to measure yours and confirm the length of your spokes before placing an order*

The diagram below shows you how to tighten spokes as it can be counter intuitive. The one in the middle is being loosened and each on the left and right is being tightened. 

Check the link for the affordable, compatible and multi-size Spoke Wrench above :)

Watch the video below for more info on DIY wheel truing!