ONLY USE THE CHARGER PROVIDED. Be sure to close the rubber charger port cover after disconnecting your charger. If containments or moisture enter the charging port, it can destroy your battery!

Plug your charger in to a grounded outlet first. Then carefully connect it to your battery.

The led on the charger should turn red while it is charging the battery. The charger can get hot to the touch while charging. It is best to keep it in a cool dry area out of direct sun light. When the battery is completely charged, the led on the charger should turn green. 

Charging time can vary, it typically takes 2-6 hrs. Don't store your battery plugged into the charger. Charging should be monitored, and batteries should not be left plugged into a charger.

If your battery is low and your charger appears to not be charging, the charger may not be working properly. If the led stays green after you plug it in and it never gets warm, this would indicate it is not charging. Please check to make sure everything is plugged in. Please never wiggle or move the plug in the battery's charging port. Please try a different outlet. If it still is not charging, please make a short video showing the battery and charger as the charger is plugged in. Please send it to or share a link to the video so we can better assist you.

If your display is showing 100% and the charger is still red (charging), the battery is likely still charging the voltage. The last 10% charges exponentially slower.